14 Reasons to/NOT to Buy Traxxas Blast

Traxxas blast review

Traxxas Blast is a fast and fun RC boat. It is best for beginners and experienced racers. It has a self-righting mode, so you can return to racing quickly.

However, remember that the Traxxas Blast has no reverse, so be careful not to flood the engine when turning around.

Traxxas Blast 38104-1 Review

traxxas blast 38104-1 rc boat

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Summary of Reviews

We have read all user and expert reviews on the Traxxas Blast. In summary, this is what users think.

 ✔10 reasons to buy

  1. Traxxas Blast is affordable and easy to operate. It is the best choice RC boat for beginners.
  2. You can personalize your Traxxas Blast boat by applying stickers to your needs.
  3. This RC Boat performs reasonably well out of the box, providing an enjoyable experience for beginners.
  4. Installing a Traxxas brushless motor can boost its speed and performance.
  5. It has a water cooling system for the motor to maintain optimal temperature. You can get longer run time and all-day fun without overheating issues.
  6. Traxxas Blast has waterproof components, including the Nautica electronic speed control, high-torque servo, and patented watertight receiver box. These save your Traxxas from wet conditions.
  7. It has a TQ 2.4 HZ radio system to control your boat with an extended range.
  8. Traxxas is known for its quality products, and the Blast maintains this reputation with its features, rich design, and durability.
  9. It has a deep-V hull design, which provides stability in rough waters and helps control capsizing.
  10. This Trazzas Boat is suitable for beginners. The boat is designed to operate efficiently, making it available to newbie RC lovers.

❌4 reasons not to buy

  1. Some users said the performance doesn’t match the specs. Traxxas Blast falls short in performance compared to boats that are half its price.
  2. Some users reported speed issues. This boat is notably slow; it can disappoint those searching for fast RC boats. 
  3. Some reviewers reported durability issues, one user’s boat breaking shortly after purchase. It is unexpected for a brand like Traxxas, known for its quality.
  4. One of the most important drawbacks of this RC Boat is its short lifespan. Some users have reported that their boats have broken within a week of use.

📋Bottom line

Traxxas RC Boats is the best option for beginners and RC lovers. It is affordable, durable, and easy to control. This boat is not for speed lovers because the average Traxxas blast top speed is 13mph.

No boat is perfect. The Traxxas Blast is no exception. Some users have reported that the front drive cups can wear out quickly. The speed control also doesn’t have a lipo cut-off, so you’ll need to be careful not to over-discharge your batteries. And there’s no reverse throttle, which can be a pain if you get stuck on something.

While there are a few minor drawbacks, such as the lack of reverse throttle and lipo cut-off, these can be easily overlooked for the price and performance of the boat.


Length23.75 inches
Beam5.75 inches
Weight793 g
Draft3.25 inches
BatteryTraxxas 6-cell NiMH
MotorWater-cooled 540 StingerTM (20-turn)
Speed13 MPH
RangeUp to 300 feet
Radio System2.4 Hz
Hull TypeHigh performance modified “V”
High-performance modified “V”EXHOBBY
Dead Rise Angle20 degrees
Speed Control TypeNautica TM waterproof ESC
Running Time15 Minutes 

User Reviews and Ratings

User Reviews:

“I bought this boat for my husband’s birthday, but the kids down the street have a faster boat from a different brand. My husband and I are disappointed.”

-Barbara Haitbrink

“The Traxxas Blast is a fun boat to run, but it’s loud and turns too sharply, making it flip.”

-Joey r.

“I was excited about this boat, but it’s not worth the money. It’s big, slow, and could perform better than boats that are half the price.”

-Lu N

User Ratings

Value for money (3.8)

Remote Control (4.1)

Giftable (3.9)

Durability (3.8)

Battery life (4)

Expert Reviews

RC Insiders reviewed this Traxxas Blast 38104-1 model to get the top speed. They run this RC boat seven times and record the rates with a speedometer. Finally, they got the average Traxxas blast top speed of 12.14 MPH.

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RC Tech reviewed Traxxas Blast for the long term and gave an honest review. They said Traxxas Blast is a good value for the money, but it is essential to know the potential drawbacks.

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One user shared his review on YouTube. He said this was the most fantastic RC boat he had seen.

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