18 Reasons to/NOT TO BUY Proboat Sonicwake v2 36”

reasons to buy proboat sonicwake v2 36"

The Proboat Sonicwake v2 36″ is a self-righting RC boat with fast speed. This Proboat Sonicwake v2 has a self-righting hull design, brushless motor, water-cooled system, adjustable trim tabs, and turn fins. 

The boat is expensive, but the build quality is good and has many valuable features. It is not suitable for beginners because it is a fast RC boat.

Proboat Sonicwake v2 36” Review

Proboat Sonicwake v2 36”

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Summary of Reviews

We have read all user and expert reviews on the Proboat Sonicwake v2. In summary, this is what users think.

 ✔12 reasons to buy

  1. This RC boat is super fast and can go over 50mph.
  2. If you flip it over, it can right itself automatically. That’s awesome!
  3. It has powerful and efficient motor to run it for a long time.
  4. This Sonicwake v2 has a water-cooling system to keep it from getting too hot.
  5. You can adjust the trim tabs and turn fins to make the boat handle how you want it to.
  6. This boat is well-built and can fight a lot of abuse.
  7.  The Proboat Sonicwake is capable of running on 4S or 6S batteries.
  8. Once the boat is on the plane water, it can deliver excellent performance and speed.
  9. Some users love its reliability. It can perform consistently without major issues.
  10. Some reviewers said the boat’s performance improved after some disassembly and reassembly.
  11. You can customize this Sonicwake RC boat with different propellers and batteries. 
  12. This Sonicwake is noted for its stability during racing, a valuable factor for an enjoyable experience.

❌6 reasons not to buy

  1. This pro-boat is expensive; you need a powerful battery and charger to run it.
  2. Sonicwake is not for beginners. It is too fast and powerful.
  3. One user found limited run time on 6S. With the stock propeller, running on 6S batteries is limited to 4-minute runs due to heat buildup.
  4. For more reliable and extended runs, upgrading to a 150-200A ESC is recommended, which adds to the overall cost.
  5. Some reviewers reported the initial issues. After the first run, they noticed that the flex shaft sounded binding in the liner and that there was extreme heat in the stuffing tube.
  6. This RC boat takes some time to get on plane, which might not suit some users who prefer quicker acceleration.

📋Bottom line

Proboat Sonicwake v2 is a fast and powerful RC boat. Many useful features make this boat best. With its powerful motor, you can get a top speed of up to 50 mph. Thanks to its self-righting hull design. If you flip it over, it can right itself automatically. This remote control boat is capable of running on 4S or 6S batteries. With some modification, you can get better performance during racing. 

It also has some significant issues; overheating is one of them, but you can solve this issue with some upgrades.

Some experts suggest that more severe buyers consider other fast RC boats, such as Oxidean Marine’s Dominator, for a better-built vessel with upgraded electronics capable of handling 8S.


BatterySold Separately
Drive SystemFlex Shaft
Motor SizeWater-cooled Brushless 40x68mm 1900kv
Product Length36″ (914 mm)
SteeringOffset Rudder
Product Weight5.5 LBS (2.5KG)
Completion LevelReady-To-Run
Hull MaterialABS
Propeller Size1.6×1.73 (40x68mm)
Recommended Motor Battery2x 3S 5000mah 100C+ with IC5® or EC5™ Connectors
Approximate Assembly TimeLess than 1 Hour
Hull TypeV-Hull
Vehicle SizeLarge
ChargerSold Separately
Beam11″ (279 mm)
Trim Scheme ColorsRed/Black, Blue/White
Hull Height4 inches (101.6mm)
Motor TypeBrushless
Speed ControlIncluded

User Reviews And Ratings

User Reviews

This boat is amazing! I’ve only used it a few times, but it’s already brought me so much joy. I never thought I’d enjoy a boat as much as a truck or car, but this is wicked. If you’re looking for something new and exciting in the RC world, do yourself a favor and buy one!


Hi, I wrote a fantastic review of this boat earlier, but I didn’t know then that the flex shaft needed to be perfectly aligned with the motor. This makes a terrible noise.


My husband has a Traxxas boat about the same size as this one. We got this boat for our son, and it’s so much better that my husband might need an upgrade, too! Ha ha! It works great, even in waves, and it flips back on its own. I highly recommend it!

-David J. Sapir

User Ratings

Easy to learn
Value for money
Remote Control
Battery life


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Expert Reviews

TheRcSaylors Said this is the fastest and most powerful RC speed boat with self-righting. This RC speed boat is fun. Proboat Sonicwake is one of the best RC speed boats ever and my absolute favorite thing to run because it is a giant boat with self-righting.

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RC Groups tasted and mentioned Proboat Sonicwake 36 upgrades to improve performance. They upgraded the cooling kit, larger turn fins, and 2x large water outlets. After upgrading, they got a 59mph top speed.

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