HeyBike Cityrun Electric Bike: Is It Worth the Hype?

Heybike Cityrun Electric Bike Review 2024

Explore the urban revolution with our in-depth Heybike Cityrun Electric Bike review. Uncover the power of the 500W motor, the versatility of the detachable 48V 15Ah battery, and the seamless control offered by the Heybike APP. Priced at $1,299.99, this commuter’s sleek design and advanced features make it a standout choice for city riders. Discover the performance, safety, and user experience that set the Heybike Cityrun apart in this comprehensive review.

Heybike Cityrun Electric Bike review

Heybike Cityrun Electric Bike

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Summary of Reviews

We have read all user and expert reviews on the Heybike Cityrun Electric Bike. In summary, this is what users think.

 ✔12 reasons to buy

  • Reviewers describe the bike as having a sleek and contemporary design with a premium matte finish.
  • Sturdy construction and attention to detail in craftsmanship are highlighted by one expert.
  • Two testers say the powerful 500W gear motor achieves a max speed of 21 MPH.
  • The bike’s 720WH big-capacity batteries provide a range of up to 55 miles on a single charge, according to reviewers.
  • Enhanced safety features include hydraulic disc brakes and 26″*2.5″ big tires, as mentioned by one tester.
  • A tester says the hydraulic suspension fork contributes to an elevated driving experience.
  • The Heybike APP allows for convenient bike control and customization, as described by reviewers.
  • The intuitive LCD display, showing speed, battery level, PAS level, etc., is praised by one expert.
  • Auto-operated technology, including a bright LED headlight with a radial sensor, is mentioned by one tester.
  • Upgraded turning lights and taillight for safety during night rides, as highlighted by reviewers.
  • The Step-Thru design supports riders’ heights from 5’5” to 6’5”.
  • Positive user reviews emphasize the smooth ride, security, and ease of use.

❌4 reasons not to buy

  • Some users find the assembly process complex; instructional videos may not align with bike components, reviewers describe.
  • Seat adjustment for a comfortable knee position may take some time, according to one tester.
  • Limited information on potential brake issues was mentioned in one review.
  • The instruction manual is criticized for being written in broken English and having unclear pictures, according to reviewers.

📋Bottom line

Discover the Heybike Cityrun Electric Bike—a sleek, urban commuter with a powerful 500W motor, detachable 48V 15Ah battery, and intuitive LCD display. Designed for riders 5’5” to 6’5”, it ensures comfort, safety, and a customizable experience through the Heybike APP

Priced at $1,299.99, Heybike Cityrun offers a top speed of 21 MPH, a range of 55 miles, and quick 3-4 hours of charging. With hydraulic brakes, 26″*2.5″ tires, and a hydraulic suspension fork, it prioritizes safety. Customer reviews highlight its sleek design, sturdy motor, and suitability for city commuting. The Heybike Cityrun Electric Bike—blends style, performance, and practicality for urban adventures.


Motor Power500W
Maximum Speed21 MPH
Battery48V 15Ah, removable
Range on a Single ChargeUp to 55 miles
Recommended Rider Height5’5” to 6’5”
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes (front and rear)
SuspensionHydraulic suspension fork
LightingAutomatic LED headlight, turn signals
Smart FeaturesHeybike APP for customization and monitoring
Working Modes4
Auto-Operated TechnologyAutomatic LED headlight for low-light conditions
Additional Safety FeaturesBuilt-in lights, bell, horn
Charging Time3-4 hours

Expert Reviews

Albert Kim

HeyBike CityRun Electric Bike Review ⚡🚲

The HeyBike CityRun Electric Bike earns praise as a top choice among reviewed bikes, delivering excellent value at approximately $1200. Though not specifically designed as a cargo bike, its rear rack can handle up to 330 pounds, highlighting the bike’s sturdy build and high-quality frame.

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HeyBike CityRun E-Bike Review

The bike includes a phone app, but its usefulness is uncertain. The review hints that HeyBike, the company behind it, is quite new, and their service and support are still being assessed. Despite this, the HeyBike Cityrun appears promising at its affordable price, making it a great choice for city commuting if the support lives up to expectations.

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Consumer Reports

Heybike Cityrun Electric Bike

Consumer Reports assessment of the Heybike Cityrun Electric Bike provides a thorough analysis of its features, specifications, and performance to help prospective customers make well-informed judgments.

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