16 Reasons to/NOT TO BUY Cresea Fishing RC Bait Boat

16 Reasons to/NOT TO BUY Cresea Fishing RC Bait Boat

The CRESEAPRODUCTS RC Bait Boat for Fishing is an excellent tool for carp fishing. It’s like having a fishing buddy who can do your hard work. The remote control makes getting your bait to the perfect spot easy, and the cruise control and auto return features mean you don’t have to worry about losing your boat.

Cresea Fishing RC Bait Boat Review

Cresea Fishing RC Bait Boat

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Summary of Reviews

We have read all user and expert reviews on the Cresea Products RC fishing boat. In summary, this is what users think.

 ✔11 reasons to buy

  1. You can run this RC bait boat for a long time with its 7.4V 12000 high-capacity battery. This boat offers a great battery life of about 3 hours.
  2. This RC fishing bait boat can cover 135 meters of distance. It can be a good range for your fishing needs.
  3. Setting and using GPS return points is straightforward, ensuring the boat returns to the selected location when properly configured.
  4. 11-year-olds can easily set GPS points and operate the remote control. This boat is accessible to younger users.
  5. It has a powerful motor for better performance and handling in various water conditions.
  6. This bait boat features a double bin design and can load about 1.5–2 kg of bait. This bin can be controlled independently for precise baiting and efficient fishing.
  7. This fishing RC boat is user-friendly and suitable for beginners and professional anglers.
  8. This RC boat is functional for deploying your fishing gear or bait to the desired location.
  9. It comes with a high-quality zippered storage bag. So it is easy to transport and store the boat.
  10. It has a fixed-speed feature. It will help free your hands and make fishing more convenient.
  11. Cresea RC bait boat is known for its accuracy. It is a reliable tool for bait deployment in specific target areas.

❌5 reasons not to buy

  1. Some users said the boat’s capabilities differed from what the product information described.
  2. The boat’s motors are noisy, which can affect the overall experience.
  3. Some reviewers reported durability issues. After a few uses, this boat has shown signs of rust, particularly on metal components.
  4. Some users wrote about its price and value. They said this RC boat is expensive and a total waste of money.
  5. One user reviewed that his bait boat stopped working after a second attempt.

📋Bottom line

Cresea Products RC fishing boat is a bait for fishing in a pool or lake. It has a good radio controller range for fishing. This RC boat can be controlled from 135 meters away. It has a powerful dual motor that can handle different water conditions. Anyone can use its GPS return function.

It is suitable for beginners searching for RC fishing bait boats for surf fishing. It has a dual bin to carry a load of up to 2kg. With its fixed speed feature, you can free your hands. 

No boat is perfect. The Cresea Products RC fishing boat is no exception. This RC fishing boat has many downsides, such as misleading description, durability issues, and higher cost.

A few minor drawbacks can be easily overlooked for the price and performance of the boat.


Length19 inches
Beam10 inches
Weight8.2 pound
Draft6.2 inches
Battery7.4V 12000 high capacity
Bait loading1.5-2 Kg
Range135 meters
Radio System2.4 Hz
Running Time4 Hours 

User Reviews and Ratings

User Reviews:

“The boat isn’t the fastest, but it’s still fast enough to get my bait to where the fish are. And it’s so easy to use even beginners can figure it out.”


“This bait boat only has a 100-yard range, even in calm water. That’s pretty useless.”

-Christopher McClellan

“I love my new bait boat! The GPS is accurate and helps me find the perfect spot to fish. It’s also really easy to use and looks great. Thanks to the company for making such a great product.”


User Ratings

Value for money (3.8)

Remote Control (4.1)

Giftable (3.5)

Durability (3.8)

Battery life (4)

Expert Reviews

Cresea RC Bait Boat

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